Diamonds As An Investment

Diamonds:  The Perfect High-Yield Investment

If you’re looking for a way to invest in something that can pay off in the future, look no further. Diamonds:  a girl’s best friend and anyone’s best bet for a great future pay-off.

Investment opportunities involving diamonds provide a unique way to garner something of beauty and great value in just about any economy or country around the world.

Timeless, portable and bankable on many levels, diamonds are the perfect investment.

While many other so-called “high yield investments” have the potential to suffer economic downturns, inflation, and other mishaps, diamonds present a way to maintain stability and peace of mind.  During times of inflation, diamond prices do not follow the trend of other investments, like oil, gold, or cash.  They instead become a hedge against inflation, and will not be directly affected by it. If anything, diamonds will increase in value and maintain their value during these circumstances as well – in times of deflation.

Some facts:

  • People don’t trust banks.
  • 15% or more of the world’s wealth is portable.
  • Diamonds are the only internationally accepted currency which has recognised value all over the world.
  • Diamonds are extremely portable. A multi-million dollar portfolio can be discreetly placed in a small envelope.
  • Diamonds are anonymous. There are no records kept as to who owns what diamond.
  • Diamond prices increase in value during inflationary times and maintain their value during deflationary periods. That means stability and peace of mind.
  • Diamonds don’t have a shelf life, and they are maintenance free. You could take a 100-year-old diamond, and it still looks new –  diamonds are forever.
  • Diamonds can be quickly passed from one generation to the next.
  • Universal currency and form of payment- Although it is not commonly known that diamonds are a widely accepted form of payment in any trade transaction, its value is non-refutable globally. Diamond owners can liquidate their possession in any country while investors cannot turn paper assets like stocks, bonds, or mutual funds into cash when they travel.

Universal pricing: 
Unlike the cost of other commodities where prices fluctuate according to markets; diamonds are indirectly controlled by a universal price report, which states the weekly average market prices for each type of diamond. As a result, diamond prices are generally standardized across all continents, and diamonds’ values are unified all over the globe. Investors do not have to suffer geographic price difference when liquidating their diamonds.

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