Exceptional gold mining and trading company located in the Kenama, Northern Region of Sierra Leone. If you are looking forward to investing in gold business in Africa in general and Sierra Leone in particular, LUIKA COMMUNITY MINING CO. LTD  is is your perfect partner.

Professional Assistance

There is an everlasting scramble for gold of African origin, especially West and Central Africa, by buyers from surrounding continents primarily because of the lower cost and less paperwork. However, these buyers usually have a terrible experience buying gold because the process to purchase gold from Africa, though more comfortable than in other continents, is a little different.

Are you trying to invest in the gold business in Africa? Are you a broker trying to buy gold for another client? Have you tried buying gold from other countries before but it turned out to be a complicated process with little or no assistance from the vendor to facilitate the sale? Was the purchased delayed because of paperwork and certification/permit issues? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place.

LUIKA COMMUNITY MINING mission is not only to sell gold to you, but also to make the process as stress-free as possible. Not only are you searching for us to buy our gold, but we are equally searching for you too. We are looking for very serious gold buyers. We have pure gold in all forms. We have alluvial gold, gold, Pebbles & gold bars available in large commercial quantities. We currently have more than 500kg of gold bars and nuggets for export and searching for overseas partners or buyers who have the connection with a refinery. We want serious and reliable buyers. Our gold is 98% pure. We are ready to give commission to anyone who can connect us to reliable buyers.

Irrespective of whether or not the buyer has previously purchased gold from West or Central Africa, we do not assume that our buyers have all the information they need to successfully make a purchase without stress. A sales professional is assigned to every customer because we believe that each customer is unique and so is every order. The sales professional handles everything about the purchase from inquiries to pricing to payment and documentation/permits and even offers after sale services after the deal is closed. This is our highest secret that brings us repeated customers. We do hope you will find this exciting.

 E-Mail: info@luikamining.com
 +232 3044 8940